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The Pebbles Project – getting a head start in the Cape Winelands

What better place to start an EXPEDITION than in one of South Africa’s top tourist destinations? We skipped the wine tasting rooms though and went straight to The Pebbles Project in the heart of the Cape Winelands.

© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

The Pebbles Project works through 28 schools and crèches in the area to support the specialised educational needs of disadvantaged children and youth. Many of these promising young learners grow up in particularly challenging environments, which sometimes include the prevalence of fetal alcohol syndrome, domestic violence, and poor diet.

© 2013 Lisa Scriven ι levelle perspectives

The facilities they have created are bright, colourful, and create a stimulating environment for all of the eager learners, ranging from toddlers to teenagers.

© 2013 Lisa Scriven ι levelle perspectives

We, the TEP team were intrigued to hear how the Pebbles Project strategically implements its educational activities with the support of four other key areas: health, nutrition, environment, and protection.

© 2013 Lisa Scriven ι levelle perspectives

The Pebbles Project has not only had a positive impact on the children and youth of the area, but also amongst the broader community. Just as we were about to leave one of the farm labourers dropped off a bag of delicious freshly picked oranges!

© 2013 Lisa Scriven ι levelle perspectives

We came away from the Pebbles Project with a really positive feeling: passionate people, happy children and a perfect launch to The EXPEDITION Project!

© 2013 Lisa Scriven ι levelle perspectives

For more information about the work being done by the Pebbles Project team, visit www.pebblesproject.co.za.

This photo blog was prepared in support of The EXPEDITION Project 2013.