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Africa’s Southern-most Goings-on

Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative, Breadasdorp
Close to Africa’s southern tip of Cape Agulhas, we visited the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative (ABI) offices and were intrigued to learn about the similarities between some of the objectives of both ABI and The EXPEDITION Project. Like The EXPEDITION Project and among its many objectives, ABI aims to facilitate and improve networking and coordination between like-minded groups, with a particular focus on conservation in the Overberg. Specifically, its objectives are known as their “5 C’s”: Convene interested and affected parties; Collate information and data; Communication facilitation; Conceptualisation of projects; and Cash raising.
ABI crop
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives, © 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

For more information about the Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative, visit http://www.flowervalley.org.za/what_we_do/agulhas_biodiversity_initiative.

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The Joshua Tree, Bredasdorp
Within the Agulhas Biosphere area, we found a brilliant example of a job creation initiative taking roots under the name of The Joshua Tree.
joshua single
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

This skills development non-profit organisation is part of Lishtol Community Projects. Local people are trained in woodworking skills, which they then improve and refine by working together to share what they have learned. The craftsmen we met on site were very proud to show us the beautiful products they make – all of which are crafted from salvaged wood. Oak barrels are given a new life  as furniture and cheese boards, while other recycled wooden material is transformed into stunning rustic picture frames. As the crafters are from the local community, they also serve as a valuable link for the charitable focus of the NPO. The Joshua Tree is a for-profit business with a social conscience as driving force. And with an irresistibly beautiful product line!
Joshua crop
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives, © 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

For more information about The Joshua Tree, visit http://thejoshuatree.bradly.co.za.

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Meals on Wheels, Struisbaai
Meals on Wheels provides daily hot, nutritionally balanced meals to a huge number of children in the local community, most of whom wouldn’t be able to access them if they weren’t brought to their neighbourhoods. They also provide meals to the elderly on a smaller scale. It’s a full time job and appreciated by so many. When they realised that this wasn’t enough, however, the Meals on Wheels team embarked on bigger talks… A project managed under Meals on Wheels is to provide a safe haven for children who have to be removed from their homes for various reasons, all of which relate to abuse. Building up their confidence and sense of worth is coupled with the objective of eventually reuniting children with their rehabilitated families in a stable home environment. Their role in the community is understated, but overwhelmingly positive in impact.
Meals on wheels crop
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

This photo blog was prepared in support of The EXPEDITION Project 2013.