Bonnie People

Bonnie People in Bonnievale

We didn’t drive very far – in fact, only from one part of the small town of Bonnievale to another – but were surprised to discover yet a whole new team of passionate local people working to improve the future for youth at Bonnie People.
Expedition bonnievale guy
© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

We arrived to a veritable hive of activity – loo blocks being installed, children playing on the swings, classes taking place, a football being kicked around, a car being washed, and another team of visitors staring back wondering who we were too.
Expedition Bonnievale-113
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

Much like the Valleys and Mountains project we had just visited, Bonnie People also runs a creche and a variety of activities and training programmes for youth who struggle with the conventional school system.
Expedition bonnievale a
© 2013 Lettie Irving Wildlife Photography

There is a huge vegetable garden running along the edge of the property that, in future, could supply food for learners or an income stream through the sale of surplus vegetables.
Expedition Bonnievale-107
© 2013 Lisa Scriven | levelle perspectives

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This photo blog was prepared in support of The EXPEDITION Project 2013.