lisa scriven

Masaai crafters in KenyaLisa launched levelle perspectives in response to the need to provide high quality sustainable tourism development services in a way that responds to the unique needs and context of each business. Her diverse background lends itself to a broad understanding of sustainable tourism challenges and the opportunities for the private sector to advance local development.

Lisa has been based on the African continent for over 13 years where she has developed a reputation for her passionate commitment to sustainable tourism and to working on the ground to network solutions for local business and development challenges. She is widely recognised for her work in sustainable tourism certification and accreditation systems, business development, and her extensive facilitation of multi-stakeholder consultation processes involving the private, public and civil society sectors from throughout southern Africa.

Prior to her arrival in Africa, Lisa not only spent time working in hospitality operations directly, but also in tourism marketing, conducting environmental impact assessments, and how to develop partnerships and incentives that benefit conservation.

She has published work on nature tourism and conservation with the World Bank, completed contracts for numerous NGO’s, including the South African office of the World Conservation Union (IUCN-SA), worked one-on-one with +/- 100 tourism businesses throughout southern Africa to implement systems to ensure responsible business operations, and managed the certification and business development activities of a leading sustainable tourism NGO, Fair Trade Tourism.

Leading industry professionals had the following experiences working with Lisa:

Hanneli Slabber, Country Manager: India, South African Tourism  
“Lisa Scriven has been an asset to the South African tourism SATindustry and general landscape. Her reporting on FTTSA products and applicants brimmed with empathy – it was like she was willing them to be good enough to qualify, to reach the high standards. Her comments reflected her innate reaction to help and to assist. Lisa is a remarkable  field worker and a remarkable person.”

Kathryn Straughan, General Manager, Leshiba Leshiba-Logo-whiteWilderness
“Dynamic, attentive to detail, dedicated, creative, constructive, honest and sincere, hard working, forward thin king and supportive. Lisa is an amazing person with exceptional qualities who would stand out in any company. She is committed and confident and a strong driving force. I have always enjoyed working with her.” 

Charmaine Beukes, Owner, White Shark ProjectsWSP
“Lisa is a person of high integrity, she has the ability to judge the authenticity of projects very clearly. She is effective and fair, and are not afraid to ask those uncomfortable questions and probe until she gets a satisfactory answer.” 

Helen Turnbull, Owner, Serendipity Africa
“I admire and endorse Lisa’s professional, positive and supportive serendipityattitude to business. She is well respected by all who come into contact with her. Her personal integrity, commitment and motivation, as well as her insight into ethical business practice are valuable commodities.”