about us

Founded in 2012 by Lisa Scriven, levelle perspectives works hand-in-hand with tourism businesses to implement more socially and environmentally responsible operating practices.

Our Vision
~ to support a balanced approach to doing business
that maximises benefits to local people 
retains the integrity of local biodiversity ~

Levelle perspectives provides business development services that support globally recognised principles of sustainable tourism in a way that is appropriate for the local context. Specifically, we focus on using tourism as a tool to achieve local socio-economic development and biodiversity conservation objectives, while providing travellers with more unique and rewarding experiences.

Some of our services include:

  • designing corporate social responsibility strategies that empower local communities
  • ensuring that local resource management and use benefits local people
  • adapting supply chain strategies to increase local benefits and sustainable livelihoods
  • effectively communicating sustainability stories through impact stories and photo essays

Levelle perspectives is a member of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa. Its founder, Lisa Scriven, is an invited member of The Alliance’s Standards and Best Practice Portfolio Committee Working Group.

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